I woke up this morning and I was staring out of my skylight (my bed is directly under a skylight so I can gaze at the stars from my bed) - and it was a misty drizzly morning. And as I was walking to work, I felt a light sprinkling of moisture on my face and it brought back some vivid gathering memories.

My first Gathering 96/97 after my first night of partying hard I was absolutely drained. I was lying in my sleeping bag under the stars - staring up at the dancing sky - it began to drizzle. Not hard though, just enough to make me feel cleansed and refreshed. Oh how beautiful it was. And then the most wonderous thing happened - the birds began to sing. The bird's song was so beautiful, that I could not distinguish between the song of the bird, and some of the epic trance stuff I had been hearing all that previous night.

I am going to be at the G with bells on (not literally, or maybe?!?), and I am going to dance with each and everyone of you...

Kia Kaha

Simon C
a gatherer
(written on TheG List email forum, 13 August 1999)

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