DJs and live acts in the Dub/TripHop/Drum&Bass zone listed on the ticket/poster (probably not a complete list).

Do you have more info? Do you have the timetable for this zone? How to send us stuff.

Alpha-6 Live
Daimon DJ
DJ Pots DJ
Downtown Brown DJ
Grand Moff Tarkin DJ
Java DJ
Kelly DJ
Laughing Gas Live
Locust Live
Luminair DJ
Melt DJ
Mesh DJ
Moe DJ
Pylon DJ
Rolling Darkness DJ
Roots Foundation Live
Ruffstep DJ
Short Fuse Live
Salmonella Dub Live
Solid State DJ
Sparrow DJ
Subconscious DJ
Unitone Hi-Fi Live
Victrola DJ
Zebede DJ
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