Walk-in Movie programme

Performances: for 31st and 1st evenings in The Crater

9.30pm Transducer Performance
9.50pm The Clinic Performance
10.25pm Morag Brownlie Performance
11.05pm Film programme begins and runs through until 6am


Movies: For 30th, 31st and 1st

Programme 1 - 3hrs (c178mins) - 11.05am - 2.05am
Speechless Morag Brownlie 8 mins 20 secs
The Gathering Documentary 97/98 Kylie Plunkett, Alison Green, Zef Fugaz and Weston Owen, 1998 37 mins
Mes Mer Morag Brownlie 13 mins
Waltz Lisa Reihana, 1998 6 mins
Styx Virginia King, 1997 9 mins
Noise (Theme and Variations) David Downes, 1998 8 mins
Ki Te La Mary Jane O'Reilly, 1996 5 mins
Little Echo Lost Armagan Ballantyne, 1998 6 mins
Behind Me Is Black Seductor productions, 1999 15 mins
Playing Possum Peter Salmon, 1998 7 mins
Red Winged Alex Monteith 8.5 mins
The Find Donovan Gabrielson 13.5 mins
Group Therapy Tessa Hoffe 14 mins
Drift Karen Barbour and Barclay Armstrong 6 mins
Off the Wall Jason Naran 5 mins
Sheep Revolution, Michael the Terrapin goes to Parliament and Belly of the Rats Mark Anthony Clarkson-Smith 3.5 mins
Programme 2 - 3hrs - 2.05am - 5.05am
Boguns Grant Lahood 22 mins
Rotten Craig Cladding 4 mins
Where's that Happy Face Sofie Finlay 10 mins 8 secs
Turangawaewae Simon Price 10 mins
W.E.T. Sophie Findlay 15 mins
Wobblemation Craig Powell 5 mins
The Beloved Leonora Carrington 10 mins
Sucking the Lemon   7 mins 5 secs
Lament for Barney Flannigan Paul Judge  
Short Cuts Heloise le Gros  
Never Ends Kent Briggs 6 mins
Australia Day Douglas Bagnall  
Elam students' work:
The Definitive Quantifier Alex Monteith 6 mins
Flowers and Text Kirsten Marcon, 1999 1 min
Hotel Kirsten Marcon, 1999 3 mins
Wake Jasmina Tomic, 1999 4 mins
RSVP Cycle Jasmina Tomic, 1999 4 mins
Metropolis of Discontent Craig Gladding, 1999 6 mins
Milk Road Fallings Alex Monteith, 1999 1 min
Still Janine Randerson, 1999 3 mins
Still Life / Famous Man Janine Randerson, 1999 .45 min
Leo Alex Sutherland, 1998 1 min
Scaper Alex Sutherland, 1999 2 mins
Nine Mike Lonsdale, 1999 4.40 mins
The Box Mike Lonsdale, 1998 6.15 mins
Programme 3 - 99mins 43 secs - 5.05am - 6.45am
Black Tracks - commissioned by the Arts Council of England and Channel Four and presented in NZ in association with the British Council. A programme of 6 short documentaries exploring black/asian music and culture
Canto Fever Following three students at Manchester University Chuppies (Chinese Yuppies), the film gives a glimpse into their lives and loves, and their love of their favourite music, Canto Pop, a unique blend of Eastern and Western music.
Bristol Vibes This film explores Afro Caribbean music - it follows a progression of black music from the reggae driven dub of Henry Louis through to the soul of Smith and Mighty to the jungle crossover of Roni Size and DJ Krust.
Chutney in Yuh Soca An exploration of chutney-hot, hot, hot Indian music which is the latest form of popular music to emerge from Trinidad and Tobago. Traditionally played by women during marriage preparations the music has its roots in the folk tunes brought from India to the Caribbean 150 years ago. Recently it has been mixed with the better sound of soca (or Calypso) for form Chutney-soc, giving woman a new voice in popular music.
Kali Pani Explores the culture of a different sector of British culture, the Moslem inhabitants of the Isle of Lewis. Two forms of expression are explored - Gaelic and Punjabi music and language.
Soul Survivor The story of the Jamaican superstar Byron Lee. This film documents the development of ska to Lee's current enthusiasm for dancehall.
A Mulatto Song Explores the life of musician George Augustsu Polgreen Bridgetower who was born in the eighteenth century to an African father and a European mother. A viruoso violinist from childhod, he became an attraction throughout Europe before receiving the patronage of the Prince Regent of England. He was both a contemporary and friend of Beethoven, whose Kreutzner Sonata was originally dedicated to him.
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