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What about open air fat ass HOUSE Yeah! Fuck Yeah bring it on !!!!!!!
....Kadie girl

We have actually talked about that idea lots over the years. I'm kinda in two minds at the moment. Our wonder designer 'Hal' is milking sheep in Wales or something.

I'll have to mail him and find out his story.

We do have a tent, but it doesn't have a center pole. Which we need to put our warp drive thinge up on!

So with out a tent, I'm not sure what we would do. However all this and more shall be solved!

Interesting story from last year [98/99]!

We designed the whole warp thinge to fit on in parts. To make sure that all sizes were exact for the pole, the tent-yard was visited and the pole measured.

On the hill one day before the party, we proceed to attach the warp thinge. Turn out there were two poles ot the tent-yard. We measured the right one but the tent riggers brought the wrong one. The poles are for the same type of tent, so no worries for tent rigging.

...but warp thinge is 20cm to big for the pole!


Hamish to the rescue! A car tyre or two later everything was attached, volia house tent!

no pole though does make it interesting!

no tent could be even more interesting, but I love the etheral silk roof, silk roof!!!

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(written on TheG List email forum, 25 June 1999)

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