Camp out there

> Year 1 - ill prepared, no tent and sleeping under the stars
> Year 2 - kinda prepared, tent that could almost fit half a person
> Year 3 - nice tent, couch, shade
> This year - all the creature comforts (planning ahead!)

Ha sounds good!!
I had friends last year who brought a bath tub! And being good kids they even brought their own water suppy for the bath. So beat that one ..

Must admit the camping ground is an alien land to me! Each year I have been in the crew compound.

What goes on out there?

I only venture into the camping grounds on a big red. I'll have to stop this year and do some investigation.

It seems to be one of the best things about the G.

The crew compound is always a laugh though. Last year [98/99] 'we' the lighting crew had a complete corral. It was created with a truck camo nets and tents. We had our own kitchen and fridge and had tables and chairs.

It was our island in the sun! Our paradise in the desert of arizona that was the Gathering. So we called it Fiji, because you could hear the waves breaking .ha

The Tech crews used to come and hang out because we had shade and chairs. They were all called 'Samoans' because they came form other islands to steal our bounty and make a mess. Don't trust those tech crew as far as you could spit them. Remove their leathermans and they just a bunch of monkeys in t-shirts. ha ha

Anyway thats a little insight into the Figi myth ..

There is a romour about the G in Fiji 2001 .. but I just want to declare that it was not me who started this roumour ;>

Just the word _Fiji_ though ... it relaxes people when you mention it. And if you think about resort islands and blue waters while you wind-surf to house music.

hmmmm ..

So if you hear anyone talking about how to get to Figi just make sure your not a Samoan when you arrive.

.simon - Obscure
Core crew, lighting crew
(written on TheG List email forum, 18 July 1999)

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