Wouldn't it be nice

Example: On the second morning not long after sunrise, I was walking back to camping two after a 4 hour spell in hardcore (I was pooped) I couldnt quite make the whole stretch in one go so I had a bit of a sit on the side of the road with my trusty watter bottle. Every single person that walked past (mustive been about 25 to 30 ppl in 15 min) stoped and asked if they cold help me or get someone, I replied to them all "hey thanks but I'm just having a wee sit down, thanks anyway :)" Remember this was about 6:30 in the morning, some people were coming back after a long night and some were making an early start.

So thanks again to all those nice humans who stoped to help, hope I can help you this year.

We're all neighbours at the g.

a gatherer
(written on TheG List email forum, 15 July 1999)

- I'll say

Its a little mini town. I remember next to our tents there was a big hole in the ground and it turned into a round-a-bout and we all roads coming off it and it rocked. I felt like the food hall and shop area was the main street. On the last day of the G I was gutted man. I really didnt want to go. I wanted to live there and be merry all year long and walk up the hills of Takaka and bath in the stream. The best community ever. I still think sometime that its still all there now and that people are actually living there.


It keeps me going all year!! :-) @---)--}

Nicci Noo
a gatherer
(written on TheG List email forum, 15 July 1999)

At the G last year we would say we were 'going into town' when we headed into the dancing zones, and all of our friends campsites were given names of Auckland suburbs so we had an idea where they were. I can't believe how excited I am about it and theres still 5 months to go!!!

And yeah an extra day would be superb!!!!!

a gatherer
(written on TheG List email forum, 15 July 1999)

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