getting there early + sunburnt eyes...

hey guys,

Is there going to be a big bonfire this year Ali? If so maybe we should all meet up there? Im really looking forward to getting there on the 30th this year. In the past (96/97 & 97/98) I've got there the afternoon of the 31st, and it's like set up your tent and stuff, get some dinner, and then it's new years. so sudden! I think everyone should get there early - it's hard coming down off the busy-busy-christmas-shit-at-work-(all of those who work in a store over Xmas know what I mean)-family-christmas-travelling-for-hours-in-a-cramped-car-too many people-on-the-ferry-no-seats-anywhere-aargh-I-need-some-space-kind-of-deal and then heading straight into this whole loving peaceful calm and cruisy atmosphere - ya need to ease into to savour the whole wonderfulness ofit.

here's a story for you:

Last time [97/98], after lying in my tent for 2hrs needing to go to the toilet but being to cold to move, (remember everyone - BRING WARM CLOTHES, IT GETS BLOODY COLD AT NIGHT) I finally got up to watch the sunrise.

Went up the path round the back of the tribal zone and climbed over the fence into the paddock there. On the top on that hill, in the paddock, there is a big line of old huge pieces of wood. Went and sat up there for an hour and saw the first sunrise of 98, over the beech trees, with all the tents below, and steam rising from the grass, and that wonderful country smell in the air, and that feeling when you haven't slept for a couple of days - is this real or a dream? it was really beautiful. The sun is slowly getting warmer, and (i can't imagine it now) but it was actually hot at 6:30 in the morning!! aargh i can't wait!!! After that, I bought big yummy container of fruit salad, and lay in the tribal zone for about 5 hours - that's got to be the best place to go to sleep. The drums carry through into your dreams, and I just had that nice sleep where you wake up every once in a while, roll over, have a cigarette or eat some food and then back to sleep, and the sun is really warm on your face ...mmmmmmmmmmmmm...yum i want to be there now.......... One problem though

- the sun was a bit to hot and I wasn't wearing sunglasses, and I got sun burnt eyeballs- yes it is possible! So I had to got to the First Aid Van every 2 or 3 hours, and get have an eye wash in saline solution to cool them down

- it was very sore, so I'd advise any one to bring their sunnies if you're planning on lying in the sun for long periods of time!! I think it's something to do with the altitude + very hot temperature. Anyway, that was one of the most beautiful mornings, everyone's kind of wandering round in a bit of a dream and everything is a bit surreal.

I am soo excited, I can't stop thinking about the G, it's going to be the best ever. And I can't wait for summer - it's kind of like a celebration of summer aswell, singlets, barefeet, outside cooking, swims in the river, sun tan lotion, water bottles, togs and towels, big hats........... I hate winter - can you guess?

a gatherer
(written on TheG List email forum, 2 August 1999)

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