The Gathering Returns

Trip magazine - August and September 1999

The single greatest freedom, dance and electronic music festival in New Zealand history is making a triumphant comeback for 2000.

After months of nasty rumours; that it was cancelled or would be held in Gisborne, or would be free, the Gathering crew have announced their plans: The one and only Canaan Downs will once again rumble with the rhythm of life for 48 life-changing hours. Tickets will be $105 until the first of October, when they will rise to $125.

Organisers wish to keep the size of the event down, to retain their legendary family atmosphere, and so will release only 6,000 tickets. This could be the last Gathering ever, so buy your tickets early.

Details are scarce at this stage, but rest assured the Gathering crew won't rest on their laurels, expect something special for the millennium. Get the latest details at

Trip Magazine, August/September 1999

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