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The Package - 20-28 August 1999

As the millennium fever continues to grow, the pressing question of "where will YOU be?" seems to be on everyone's mind. Lucky then, as fate would have it, that tickets to the party of the century go on sale tomorrow. (Thursday 19/08/99 from 9am). But ya gotta be quick, this year's Gathering is strictly limited to 6,000 tickets (and with NO door sales reported, that's not a large number to spread across Aotearoa). So we recommend you get yo booty down to Fish Eye Discs (James Smiths Corner) or Firm Records (purveyors of fine imports, shop 6, Victoria Street) and get your tickets fast 'cos they're gonna go like hot cakes......

...and for any of you reading this at home, paranoid of missing out, we suggest you log on (if you have access to a computer and the net of course) to and book your tickets there (you can also check out all the pre-Gathering hype, who's playing, background info on the people behind this growing phenomenon, details of the location and photos and press coverage from the past three years).

The Package 20-28 August 1999

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