RE:MIX magazine - December 1999

On Saturday 11th December 1999, it'll be two years to the day since New Zealand record label Kog Transmissions released their first album, and their in-house act, Baitercell, recently got to number 11 on the MP3.com house charts.

.....Also projected to arrive in stores before Christmas is the second Gathering CD - named after the seminal New Year's Eve dance festival in Nelson. Chris reckons the "production over the last year has really gotten a lot better. And it was good already."

Andrew agrees, adding that "the production levels were the most general indicator of what tracks were going to be on and what tracks weren't. And I think that broadened the styles that came through." This Gathering CD spans the range from 'Trance to techno-trance, to house, to techno, to soft techno, to techy house, to break-beaty house to dub."


  • Epsilon Blue: "Bead"
  • Subware: "Music Matters"
  • Baitercell: untitled as yet
  • Micronism: "Evergreen"
  • Cuffy and Leon D: "Techsturised"
  • Signer: "Early Frozen"
  • Pitch Black: "Melt"
  • Freq: "Bluxone"
  • Protean: "Heisenberg Uncertainty"
  • Aethyr: "Learning by Osmosis"
  • Salmonella Dub: "Peyote Dub"
  • The Nomad: "Taxi"

RE:MIX magazine, December 1999

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