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RE:MIX magazine - December 1999


...well the last few weeks have been rather busy around town as everybody gears up for the big Festive Season and what promises to be a seriously large New Year's Eve no matter where you are really. No major dance oriented gigs have been announced in the Capital, with many peeps choosing to flee the city and head down Takaka way for The Gathering or up north to East Pier in Napier for 20000AD - the event.

As you are probably aware, if you have not made plans to go to The Gathering yet then the chances of you finding a ticket are quite slim unless you can hook up with somebody who is selling theirs. All 8000 tickets sold out a good 3-4 weeks ago. Congratulations to the organisers for that, the amount of respect and anticipation that has been built up since its inception 3 years ago has meant most people bought their tickets without even hearing a single name from the lineup.

DDog, RE:MIX, December 1999


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