More Gathering tickets

Nelson Mail - 5 October 1999

The Gathering is getting bigger, with another 2000 tickets going on sale this week.

The organisers of the New Year dance party at Canaan Downs on Takaka Hill originally released 6000 tickets for sale. Publicity officer Alison Green said these sold out last Wednesday.

She said that because of the demand, the organisers had decided three weeks ago to sell another 2000 tickets. This brings the total number of tickets to 8000 - the same number as the past two years.

The new tickets are for sale at the dearer price of $125. Tickets had been advertised for sale at $105 until last Friday.

At least one ticket buyer found he could not buy his tickets at the cheaper price last week.

Nelson man Ryan Clarke said he went to Everyman Records in Nelson last Thursday to buy tickets, but was told he would have to come back on Monday, when the tickets would cost $125 each.

Mr Clarke said he was "pretty upset".

Ms Green said the problem was that the extra 2000 tickets were not available from the printer. This meant that for two days, the only way tickets could be bought at the cheaper pice was by ordering them through the Internet or an 0800 number.

Everyman Records saleswoman Katie Jacobs said the store had put out signs advising ticket buyers of the options.

Ms Green said the original 6000 tickets sold out in five weeks, with a Wellington store alone selling more than 1300. About 20 percent of e-mail information requests had come from overseas, and she expected more overseas people to come to the millennium event.

Nelson Mail, 5 October 1999

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