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Lava magazine - December 1999

Know anyone who's got their New Year's Eve Plans sorted yet? They are out there, but surprising numbers are staying at home or hanging with a few friends. Big events in New Zealand, Europe and the US have been cancelled due to lack of interest in overhyped and overpriced 'once in a lifetime' events that have failed to spark the punters' imagination. Helene Ravlich cuts through the dross to give you the skinny on the premium events happening through the land. Whatever you do, wherever you are, stay safe, look after each other, and sieze the moment as you travel from one century to the next. Bon voyage!

The Gathering

Well, there's not much left to say about The Gathering, happening once again (for the last time, apparently) on the beautiful Canaan Downs near Takaka. All 8000 tickets sold out within a few weeks, and the desperate ones who missed out are being forced to deal with unscrupulous scalpers charging up to $300 for a passport to one of the most pleasurable parties on the planet.

There are no, repeat NO more tickets being sold, definitely no gate sales, so if you don't have one, Ali Green and co-Gatherers urge you not to try your luck on the day: the traffic to get in to the venue is bad enough without lines of depressed non-partygoers to deal with.

The lineup wasn't available as we went to press, but rest assured you'll be in good hands, with over 200 of the land's conscious DJs, VJs, live electronica musicians and performance artists. If you're going, remember, leave the liquor behind, pack plenty of suntan lotion, and for all you North Islanders, if you haven't booked the ferry yet, start waxing the windsurfer. If you have any questions about The Gathering, go to and hook yourself up to the very friendly mailing list.

Lava Magazine, December 1999

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