Lava magazine - August 1999

Rumours have been flying around town about The Gathering 2000: are they gonna do it? We've heard it's on, it's off, it's in Gisborne, it'll be free, tickets are $300..... Finally, the official word is out - and it's all good.

Firstly, it's a happening thing. It will be held once again in paradise - namely Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill, running from midday 31st December 19999 until midday 2nd January 2000.

There will be an initial wave of 6000 tickets available at the increased but still very reasonable price of $100 until 30th September. Then, assuming there are any left, from October 1 they'll rise in price to $120. Hint - grab one early.

There will be six zones of sound to fill your 48 hours in heaven, covering every aspect of electronica and beyond. From drum 'n' bass to trance, ambient to tribal, house to hardcore, classical and jazz - pick your spot and wig out into 2000.

The organisers have told us that this really is the last Gathering, saying projections were always geared for the millennium and don't go beyond, so now's your chance to experience our greatest event of dance, freedom and partcipation.

Get to it.

STOP PRESS: The Gathering has just been awarded "The Most Unique Event in the South Island" at the recent New Zealand Event Management and Marketing Conference. This is the first time a dance event has been nominated, let alone won. Congrats, y'all!

Lava Magazine, August 1999

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