B magazine - December 1999

New York - Times Square promises 24 hours of excitement with giant TV screens that will cross live to celebrations in each time zone around the world.

London - The Queen will be partying at The Millennium Dome, which opens with nationwide bell-ringing at midnight.

Paris - A millennium clock will count down the last seconds of '99 and at midnight a giant 'egg' will drop from the Eiffel Tower.

Edinburgh - The Pretenders and UB40 will play at the Hogmanay Festival, famous for general craziness. Most events are free.

New Zealand - The Gathering, a 48-hour party on a farm at Takaka Hill, was rated one of the best on the planet by UK Mixmag (www.gathering.co.nz).

Rio de Janeiro - At midnight on Copacabana Beach, everyone will rush into the water to throw in offerings of gifts, flowers... and themselves.

Egypt - The Egyptians have seen a millennium or six and know how to put on a show. Twelve Dreams of the Sun is a laser show at the feet of the pyramids.

California - The Biggest Concert and Party Ever Held on Planet Earth will take place at Palm Springs.

Hong Kong - The Year of the Dragon doesn't start until February but they're kicking off with the HK Millennium Brew-up on Nov 27.

Antarctica - At the Pole, a few black-tie events are planned, including one on cruise ship Kapitan Khlebnikov to celebrate sunrise at 00.25 on Jan 1.

Israel - Believers will be calling for world harmony at the Jerusalem Millennium 2000 Procession.

B magazine (UK), December 1999

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