Ticket sales gathering momentum

Nelson Mail 23 December 1998

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More than half of the 10,000 tickets to the country's biggest dance party, The Gathering, have been sold or are in circulation, says co-organiser Alison Green.

She said another 1000 tickets had been printed and would be sold if required.

"This is way up on last year and on track with our expectations. We are sending out masses of tickets every day."

Last year The Gathering, held on Takaka Hill's remote Canaan Downs from December 31 to January 2, attracted 8000 people.

She said although this was a "nervous time" for organisers, last year a lot of the tickets sold between Christmas and New Year.

"We are expecting to sell masses of tickets in the last few days."

Police liaison officer Detective Sergeant Derek Milne said he was confident organisers had planned for most contingencies. He said there woud be a police commitment to The Gathering, but was unwilling to say how many officers would be involved.

"Traffic safety staff will monitor traffic flows and direct vehicles. People who plan to travel over the Takaka Hill shoud be aware there will most likely be congestion on the road over that period."

He said changes to the organisation included moving the ticket staging area to the end of Canaan Road, opening the gates for entry 24 hours before the party started and increasing security staff numbers to 60.

"With a gathering of that size, there are a number of things which could happen, but we have had numerous planning meetings to tailor responses."

This year The Gathering will feature seven music zones, more than 100 DJs and 50 live acts.

Nelson Mail, 23 December 1998

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