Gathering exhibition catches the action

The Dominion, 19 February 1999

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DANCE revellers at The Gathering had better hope they didn't do anything too embarrassing at the festival. Otherwise they may find themselves part of a photography exhibition at the Atrium (Exchange Building) as part of the Fringe Festival.

Catching people in compromising circumstances was not the focus of photographer Monica Parsotam's collection, but she said the exhibition showed wide range of everything that was going on. About 300 photos are included in the exhibition.

The alcohol-free gathering was attended by 9000 people and more than 1000 on-site staff were employed to keep things running smoothly.

Ms Parsotam said photos were taken from a few days before the start of The Gathering, to the clean-up afterward. She describes herself as a self-taught photographer, and has photographed "almost every single dance party around Wellington for the last year and a half". Last year she worked for Auckland's Lava magazine.

In April the exhibition will go to Hamilton for two weeks, and then on to Auckland for a further two weeks. Ms Parsotam said she may produce a booklet about the exhibition.

The Dominion, 19 February 1999

View some of Monica's photos here

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