The Gathering corners loos

Christchurch Press, 26 December 1998

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Organisers of the Gathering, New Zealand's biggest dance party, have cornered every available Portaloo in the South Island for use during the Takaka Hill event.

Up to 11,000 people are expected at the third 48-hour New Year's rave, on the remote Canaan Downs farm land, near the summit of the hill road to Golden Bay.

More than 100 DJs and 50 live acts will entertain the partygoers with seven dance zones offering different music styles. Event director Alison Green said the Gathering has attracted a huge following in a very short time and contributed about $4 million last year to Nelson's economy.

She said that after nearly breaking even in its first year, the event turned a small profit last year, allowing some wages to be paid to the core crew of between 20 and 30 who worked for months setting it up.

Christchurch Press, 26 December 1998

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