Takaka Hill dance party trouble-free

Christchurch Press (2nd edition), 5 January 1999

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NELSON -- The New Year's Gathering, which attracted more than 8000 people to the top of Takaka Hill, was basically trouble-free, according to organisers, police, and site security officers.

Traffic leaving the Gathering's Canaan Downs site over the weekend joined other drivers in the region with no major problems, Constable Simon Mapp, of the Motueka police, said.

Mr Mapp said police were pleased with the planning organisers put into the dance party and the actions of the crowd. "A couple of minor thefts were reported. Nothing more than you would expect from a crowd of that size."

Alpha Security operations controller Joe Bartle, said the incidents during the 48-hour party were no more than would happen in a small New Zealand town. "There were no surprises at this event. In fact the atmosphere felt more tranquil this year than last," Mr Bartle said.

Some 60 security staff were employed to monitor traffic, parking, and look after the welfare of party-goers. Ambulances, helicopters, an on-site health centre, and drug and alcohol counsellors were also present. Many of those present attributed the trouble-free atmosphere to the strict alcohol ban. All cars entering the site were searched for liquor and a large quantity was confiscated.

Co-organiser Greg Shaw said it would take crew up to two weeks to clean up the remote site. Everything supplied at the site was carted down the 12km Canaan road, including water, huge power generators, food, and the sound system. --NZPA

Christchurch Press (2nd edition), 5 January 1999

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